Welcome to Chelton Wealth

Peter Borggren


We are a financial institution that through our management service helps individuals and companies to invest in currency trading. Our management team, led by Robert J Teuwissen, has more than 30 years of experience in trading in the foreign exchange market. 

Chelton's foreign exchange trading is carried out with the ambition that your investment will be safe and secure regardless of market conditions. We use sound and systematic risk control to provide you with stable returns and keep risks low. Our investments have a very low exposure to equities and bonds, which has resulted in consistently high returns so far. In total, we manage SEK 4.9 billion. Our Currency Sigma management service has consistently produced positive results every year. Nine out of ten months we have had positive returns, earning an average of 17% per year after fees. This means that our clients have had a very good financial success with us, which over time will give them more freedom to live a good life and do what is fun.


We offer asset management in currency trading through our Currency Sigma service.

Currency Sigma

Short-term currency trading

Protects against stock market downturns

Responsible manager's experience: 30 years

Volume under management: SEK 4.9 billion

Management history: 6 years

Positive years: 100%

Positive months: 90%

Average return: 17% per year