For your security, Axi offers a high level of transparency where you get a real-time overview of the development of your investment. You receive both daily and monthly account reports via email.

The ownership of your account holdings with Axi belongs exclusively to you as the account holder. Only you are entitled to make deposits and withdrawals. Under no circumstances will anyone have access to your capital, withdraw or deposit money into your account.

Axi is primarily responsible for you as a customer. To ensure complete trust and transparency, Axi works under the supervision of one of the world's most reputable regulators, the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). For us as a forex broker, this is one of the most coveted licenses in the industry, bringing a high level of reputation and credibility to all financial service providers. The FCA is known for its strict laws and regulations that ensure transparency and security in all transactions.

Axi keeps your money in a separate account with "Lloyds Bank". This is mandatory with current regulations and is done to protect your funds by keeping the money separate from the broker's working capital.